Monday Morning Quick Tip: Speak Up


It’s important to make your voice heard. If you’re going to be in front of people it is imperative that they be able to hear and understand you. Often, speakers have microphones available. However, like any technology, it is dangerous to rely upon its use. This week’s quick tip is all about learning to speak up, and be heard.

The key thing to remember about making your voice heard in a large space is that you don’t need to shout. Shouting puts undue strain on your vocal chords, and can result in serious physical damage. Instead, you need to learn to project your voice.

Learning to project is just a matter of practice. Start by breathing deeply, all the way into your stomach. You’ll feel your diaphragm (beneath your lungs, at the bottom of your ribcage). That is where your voice needs to come from. Push the air out from that point. If need be, press in gently with your fist, just below your sternum, as you begin to practice. Speak as you begin to exhale. Your goal is to make your voice heard at the back of the room.

Breathe in deeply, press gently, and begin speaking as you exhale. You should feel your voice resonate in your chest. It may sound a bit deeper than usual, which is fine. If you don’t get it the first time, keep trying. If your throat feels sore, or you get hoarse quickly, you’re not doing it correctly. Adjust, and try again. Soon, you’ll be able to fill the room with the sound of your voice, microphone or not.