Monday Morning Quick Tip: Let Loose


I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Cornel West speak in Phoenix this weekend. He shared a dais with several local activists and academics, who were gathered to discuss the historical situation that has led us to legislation like the controversial SB1070. All of the gathered speakers were passionate about their opinions, and eloquent about their work. But Dr. West outshone everybody else.

For nearly an hour, Dr. West held the audience rapt as he preached the gospel of social justice. And “preached” is the only way to adequately characterize West’s style. He is an absolute master of the form. He uses his passion, and his extraordinary energy, to create a fire-and-brimstone sermon that draws regular applause and murmurs of agreement from his audiences.

This week’s Monday Morning Quick Tip is an homage to Dr. West. When you’re speaking, it’s important to let your passions loose. Let your energy and intensity show through. Give voice to your passions and beliefs. Your audience deserves to see it. Have a look at this clip from a talk Cornel West gave at Clairemont McKenna College on his last book tour. It is an excellent demonstration of how to let loose, and generate intensity.

A word of caution: This technique can be powerful, but if you’re not careful it can go terribly awry. (In short, don’t be this guy…)

  1. mari says:

    You got to see and hear Cornel West speak? Lucky you. Thanks for posting this clip of him from YouTube.

    And oh. Someone sent us the second clip you posted here. omg. I wonder if that guy has come out of his house since that video went viral…

    • Richard G. says:

      Yeah, Dr. West was amazing. A great speaker, with a great point of view. I recommend seeing him any chance you get. :)

      As for the second clip, many of my colleagues have been using it with their students as examples of what not to do. If I were him, I don’t think I’d ever show my head in a political arena again, that’s for sure. I mean if “YEAHHHH” could kill Howard Dean’s election hopes, how is something like this ever going to make it?

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