How To Make Your Presentation Really Stick


It’s always a struggle to figure out if what you’re saying is going to leave a lasting impact. Your audience is giving you their time and attention, but, with all of the distractions of life, you may have a tough time keeping that attention. That’s why you have to make sure that your time in front of your audience is time well spent. Leave them with something worthwhile, something that improves their lives a little bit. Leave them with an idea that sticks.

In an excerpt from their book Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive, and Others Die, brothers Chip and Dan Heath outline six ways that ideas become “sticky”–or persistent in the minds of those who encounter them.

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Monday Morning Quick Tip: Slow Down


Each week, on Monday, I’m going to offer a little “Monday Morning Quick Tip” for you. These will be short posts with quick action items that you can do right away to start improving your speeches and presentations.

Our first quick tip comes as a result of something that I just now experienced. I just watched a video with some really awesome content from Internet Marketing Guru Jeff Johnson. He offers some really interesting insight into how to drive blog traffic. Unfortunately, he does it at absolute light-speed. Jeff’s content is really powerful, he makes an unreal amount of money, and he is interested in sharing his secrets. But it all goes so quickly that it’s almost hard to listen to him.

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Seven Secrets for Stellar Storytelling


My granddad used to tell us some extraordinary stories. He had the ability to draw a room full of people in, have them hanging on his every word, and leave them all with tears of laughter in their eyes. Watching my granddad tell stories inspired me to learn to do it as well as he did.

One of the most important parts of public speaking is learning to be a great storyteller. We are attracted to stories and narratives. We use them to create understanding, and share experience. Your audience is going to identify more strongly with your message if you share it with a great story. The following seven tricks will help you become the same sort of outstanding storyteller that my granddad was.

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