Coming Soon – Speech Coaching Packages and Products

Coming Soon - Speech Coaching Packages and Products

It’s been quiet for a little while here at Stand Up and Speak. That’s because I’ve been doing some research and development on a really awesome set of products and packages to help you become a better Public Speaker.

This month, I’ll be offering two video courses designed to help you overcome your fear of public speaking, and vastly improve your ability to do thorough research.

But wait, there’s more!

I’ll also be offering a stellar 6-month 1-on-1 coaching package, designed to help you become a better public speaker, no matter what your current level of expertise. This will be a very limited offer, available only to a select few individuals.

I’m very excited to offer these programs. Keep your eye out here for more information to come soon!

Monday Quick Tip: Have Courage

King George VI of Great Britain

In his latest role, actor Colin Firth portrays King George VI of Great Britain. The king suffered from a rather severe stammer, that hindered his performance when he had to take the stage to speak. In the new film, “The King’s Speech”, Firth shows the King’s struggle to overcome his severe stutter.

In a CBS Interview with Katie Couric, Firth talks about the experience, and reflects upon the remarkable courage of a man who was trying so desperately to learn to communicate. It is an excellent object lesson in the courage it takes to overcome your own fears and obstacles when you take the stage to say something. Check out the interview, after the jump.
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Monday Quick Tip: Relax


New public speakers often come to the stage carrying every single bit of anxiety along with them. As a result, they come off stiff, stilted, and uncomfortable. As acting uncomfortable is the quickest way to make the audience uncomfortable, it goes without saying that this is a problem.

Veteran public speakers get into a slightly different habit. They start to come off as over-polished, which makes them seem every bit as stiff and awkward as a newbie. Their audiences grow increasingly bored as they hitch on a fake personality and robot-dance their way through yet another presentation.

Regardless of whether you’re a new speaker, or a seasoned veteran of the rostrum, in order to beat the boredom you have to relax.
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8 Public Speaking Myths…BUSTED!

Mythbuster Adam Savage, Courtesy Geekgirl ~ Stacey from Flickr

Over the years, it is likely that you’ve been fed a whole load of nonsense about speaking in public. Things like: “Oh, if you’re nervous, just focus on a point just above your audience’s head. That’ll make it a little easier,” or “bow your head and take a moment to compose yourself before you begin.”

That sort of poison often gets dripped into the ears of public speaking newbies, and those myths persist despite being the sorts of things that can outright sabotage a speaker with enormous potential.

Today at S&S labs, we’re going to bust some of these popular public speaking myths, and show you not just why they’re bad, but what you should do instead. Let’s get started:
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Monday Quick Tip – Control Your Body

Trumpeter Swan by Cecil Sanders from Flickr

When I titled this blog, I thought of the phrase “Stand Up and Speak” in a more metaphorical sense, as opposed to a specific instruction. Some of my recent coaching, however, has me thinking about just how important it is for a great speaker to be totally in control of her body while on stage.

So much of your presence in a room is dictated by the way you carry yourself. If you’re fumbling, or flailing, or slouching you will fail to make your presence felt. Your audience will almost certainly miss the point of your presentation.

How do you exude charisma and charm? How do you carry yourself in such a way that you draw the room in, and hold their attention throughout? You just need to be in charge of your body.
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Wrapping it Up – What Makes a Good Conclusion?


“Never, ever end your presentation with the answer to the last question. Always wrap it up!” – Kristin J. Arnold

Kristin Arnold is the president of the National Speaker’s Association, and the author of the fantastic Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire Your Audience to Action (affiliate link). Her tweet today really is great advice. It’s important to make sure that the audience has some closure at the end of a presentation. You don’t want to leave them hanging, with a sense of unresolved business.

So, how do you go about wrapping things up? What makes for a great conclusion to a presentation or speech?
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Monday Morning Quick Tip – Practice Deliberately

Hard Work is Exhausting

One of my favorite blogs, The Art of Manliness, has an awesome article today on the importance of practicing deliberately.

While their blog caters primarily to a male audience, it is advice that spans all genders and age groups. It is enormously important that you tackle your challenges with focus and intention.
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Awesome Articles Abound!

@JESSEDEE - You Suck At PowerPoint

This week there have been some really excellent articles posted all over the web. These are some of my favorites ranging in scope from the practical to the profound. Each of them has something to offer a good public speaker:

What else have you found this week that was worth sharing? Share it with us in the comments!

How To Be a Good Conversationalist


A couple of months ago on Reddit, one of the redditors expressed a desire to learn to become a better conversationalist. Getting good at having conversations is a key part of becoming good at business, and improving your public speaking. Public speeches are, at their core, a conversation with a broader audience. So, here is my response to the question of how to become better at having conversations:

To be a good conversationalist, you need to be two things:

  1. Interested.
  2. Interesting.

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Slaying Your Speaking Demons

Overcoming fear is like beating a demon.

Fear of Public Speaking takes many forms. Each of the great beasts takes a form that is tailor-made to keep you from saying what needs to be said. These Speaking Demons work tirelessly to make sure that you never take the plunge, get on stage, and speak your piece.

The terrible bestiary of speaking demons is below:

  • The Dreadful Drow of Dimwittedness
  • The Nasty Nāga of Nonsense
  • The Offensive Ogre of Ordinariness
  • The Insouciant Incubus of Ineptitude
  • The Pesky Pixie of Perfectionism

Like any good video-game boss battle, defeating each demon requires some different strategies:
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